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I worked with Eve in December 2014, I needed my fingerprints to get a FBI background check ( for the French nationality). I dropped her an email, I did not expect such a quick reply. Getting the appointment was just as simple as dropping an email, in few days (she gave several choice) I had the meeting. Prior, she sent me all the relevant information by email. She even sent me indications on how to reach the address from the Metro station nearby. All the rest was equally simple, around 20 minutes.

In sum: Eve is not only professional but she is also a very pleasant person. This is so great that she lives in Paris!

Monica Riviere

Researcher, Paris


Working with Eve was a pleasure. We urgently required prints for an FBI Background check and had no real idea of how to proceed. Not only was Eve personable, professional, and accommodating (and patient while collecting our prints), but she took the time to share her knowledge and experience to help smooth our process moving forward. Forgive the pun, but you are in good hands with Eve!

John – American Expat


I came to you in December from Brussels to get the finger prints for FBI. I hope you remember me. You spent more than an hour in getting the finger prints on FBI cards. My fingers were very dull and you tried all possible options, inks and positions to get the best possible fingerprints in card. Since, my fingerprints were rejected first time, when fingerprints were taken at US Embassy at Brussels and i was skeptical about my fingerprints taken by you. You provided me 6 fingerprint cards to make sure, it don't get reject this time.

Finally, after the long wait, I got the report from FBI last week. I sincerely wants to thank you for your effort and help. I really appreciate your help !

Once again, a big THANK YOU !!!!


Neeraj Kumar


My fingerprints were a tough job for Eve. Unbeknownst to me until I was required to get an FBI background check, my fingerprints are nearly impossible to read. The first submission was rejected, and so was the second. On the third try, Eve pulled out all the stops to work the faint ridges of my prints into something definable in ink. Eventually, we soaked my fingers in freezing cold water, repeatedly, and Eve worked until she got enough legible samples. Third time's the charm! Finally, I got my prints approved. Eve was determined to find a solution, and she did, and she was always cheerful and happy to help. Plus, she only charged me for one visit, despite all the work involved. Thanks, Eve!

Linda, journalist, Paris


Eve was simply fabulous when it came to arranging a meeting for professional fingerprints. She was available promptly and in a simple meeting location. I have used her services multiple times for different visa requirements while living in France and have never had a problem with the end result. Always accepted by federal and state government officials. She is responsible, affordable, and an expert in her skills.

Krystal Kenney


Paris France


At first I was taken aback at the concept of a meeting in

a public place in Montmartre with an unknown person to have my fingerprints taken. But there was no cause for concern; Ms. Humrich made the whole process pleasant and efficient. She really knows her stuff!

Em Bryant, Artist



Needing an FBI Background check for a foreign visa, I consulted the US Embassy website and found FingerprintsParis. Eve Humrich was terrific, scheduling an appointment quickly, telling me where to stay overnight (I had to travel several hours to get to Paris), and coming to the hotel to take my prints. As mine are hard to read, Eve was careful to make more than one print card so as not to be rejected. It worked and I got the FBI letter within two months. Prompt, courteous service and excellent results!

MFM, retired investment banker.


When, after several tries, the Prefecture’s scanner was unable to take usable fingerprints for the renewal of my Visitors Card, I began to doubt I could submit the fingerprints required for an FBI Criminal Background Check, which I would later need. Eve Humrich was encouraging, and with efficiency and professionalism took 2 full sets of good-looking fingerprints, which were later accepted by the FBI, who sent me the document I needed.




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