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Here are a few links to a blog on the National Air Transportation Association website. They are aimed at the aviation industry, but some of the general information about fingerprinting is relevant to everyone.


If you need translation services, I highly recommend Pascale Rigaud. Pascale is not based in Paris, but can do certified translations of all your documents by mail and/or email. She has been very responsive and reliable, with rates that are quite reasonable.


At present, the FBI is taking about 12-14 weeks to process fingerprints with paper applications; however, you have the option of submitting your data electronically then mailing your actual fingerprint cards through the post. Using the electronic data submission, the FBI is processing applications within 3-5 business days.  You can then download a PDF copy of your report but, when filling out the application online, you should also tick the box asking for a paper copy.  Some authorities will only accept the original paper copy.

For up-to-date information, please have a look at:


For Canadian background checks, you should be aware that the RCMP no longer accept paper forms. You must send the forms to an approved agency in Canada. They will scan them and submit them in a digitised format to the RCMP. There is a list of approved agencies on the RCMP website:


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