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We are based in central Paris, but if you prefer, you have the option of us traveling to you. We can schedule appointments at another convenient location in Paris, such as your office, hotel, train station, etc.

With sufficient notice, it is also possible to meet you outside of Paris. We have frequently traveled all through Europe and the Middle East.

We also have a collector in London twice a month to collect fingerprints for both the FBI and RCMP.

Fingerprints are collected in ink on the standard FBI or RCMP fingerprint cards, which we supply. There is no need for you to obtain cards yourself.

If you are applying directly to the FBI or RCMP for criminal background searches relating to nationality applications, visas, or employment background searches, we will always supply a minimum of two complete sets of prints. If there is any doubt of the clarity of your prints, further sets will be supplied, up to a maximum of five cards.

If your prints are rejected by the FBI or the RCMP, we are happy to reprint you at no additional charge.

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