FBI background checks for nationality and employment

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Bienvenue à FingerprintsParis

Nous espérons que vous trouveriez des informations utiles. FingerprintsParis se concentre d'assurer des services de haute qualité et la satisfaction du client - nous ferions tous pour correspondre à vos besoins.

About Us

FingerprintsParis is dedicated to the collection of fingerprints for submission to the FBI, the TSA, and individual state licensing authorities.

Collecting fingerprints as part of the TSA Alien Flight Student Program since 2005, and we have National Fingerprint Collecting Clearinghouse certified collectors.

We are also able to collect fingerprints for people who wish to apply for French nationality, Carte de Sejours, or for those who need FBI background checks for their employment or for licensing purposes. We can collect fingerprints for anyone needing FBI background checks or individual state background checks for various other reasons.

We are the fingerprint referral agent used by the U.S. Embassy and the Canadian Embassy.

With nearly 8000 fingerprint submissions, we have a rejection rate of less than 0.5%. While rare, there are some people who both the TSA and the FBI agree are not printable.


FingerprintsParis est dédié à relever des empreintes digitales pour les soumettre au FBI, au TSA, et "individual state licensing authorities.."

Nous prenons les empreintes digitales en association avec le TSA Alien Flight Student Program depuis 2005. Nous utilisons les releveurs certifiés du National Fingerprint Collecting Clearinghouse (NFCC).

En association avec l’Ambassade Américaine, nous prenons les empreintes digitales des gens qui cherchent la nationalité française, une carte de séjours, et ceux qui ont besoin de "FBI background checks” pour d’autre raisons.

Now in London

We have a mobile facility in London able to collect fingerprints for FBI and state background checks, RCMP checks, and now TSA collection services as well! If you are applying for visas, nationality, or certain types of employment, you may be required to have fingerprints collected for a criminal background check. With our new mobile service, we can meet you at a convenient location in London and provide you with a service to collect your fingerprints on standard FBI or RCMP fingerprint forms.

For contacting us in London, please use the form under "Contact Us" and you will be put in touch with the London office.

For FBI and RCMP fingerprint collection, we always provide a minimum of two fingerprint cards. We feel it is to your advantage to have a back-up card ready for submission. If there is any doubt about the clarity of your fingerprints, we will provide extra sets of prints (up to five cards) to help insure you have a successful application. Should your fingerprints still be deemed illegible by the FBI or RCMP, we will print you a second time at no additional fee.

For applicants to the Alien Flight Student Program, I will be in London once every fortnight to collect fingerprints for submission to the TSA.